RCWM – Rheumatology Centers of West Michigan

Rheumatologic Psychology

We understand that managing rheumatologic conditions can be complex and frustrating. It’s estimated that the presence of depression and anxiety is two to three times higher in individuals with rheumatologic conditions than compared with the general population. That’s why we’re proud to offer rheumatologic psychology services to RCWM’s patients.

Rheumatologic Psychology can help you restore your resilience, empowerment and positive attitude. Benefits often include decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety; improved sleep and energy; improved attitude and adjustment toward disease and decreased anger, frustration, sadness, hopelessness and loneliness.

Our clinical health psychologist, Dr. Scott Glass, works alongside you to support you, using approaches that are well-supported by scientific research and years of experience. Together, we will help you to better understand your illness, treatment and how to manage the associated effects best.

Please speak to your care team if you are interested in this service.